Miles Wheeler-Smith


I'm Miles a web developer & designer from Worcester, England. I love building user friendly websites that are simple, yet effective.

Get Brewin'

Get Brewin'

Myself and a fellow developer Sirbastian Manning are putting together a social app named Get Brewin'. Get Brewin' will take the hassle out of choosing who has to make a round of drinks!

We are working hard to get this ready as soon as possible, in the meantime sign up for our beta list at and follow us on Twitter

Social App

Social Site

This is a social website I'm working on for a few friends of mine. I cant reveal too much yet but am really pleased with the design so far. It's very minimalist like many of my designs but this keeps things clean and simple for the user.

Behind the scenes I will be using by own framework.

Moneys App


I'm currently working on a finance management application called Moneys. Moneys gives you everything you need to manage your finances in a simple, intuitive and elegant way! Log transactions, keep on top of your balance, set budgets and work towards financial goals.

Moneys will be ready real soon so check out and follow Moneys on Twitter

Upton Hawks

Upton Hawks

This is one of my more recent sites. Upton Hawks, a Under 16's rugby club approached me to build a comprehensive site with player details, news, events and images stored with the upmost security.

Only players and parents can request an account with Upton Hawks through a clever automated application system.



WorkTimer is a free to use online punch in/punch out project tracking application that can generate dynamic reports and invoices. I had tons on fun working with the developer of Worktimer, helping out with the design and front end of this fantastic web app.

If your looking for a simpler way of tracking, reporting and invoicing your time, I would highly recommend checking out

Shopping List

Shopping List

If your a tech head like me you will agree technology can be used to simplify anything, even the weekly shop. This is a personal project I'm working on that lets you elegantly create shopping lists.

It's perhaps not as pretty as an iPhone app but the great thing with web apps is they work on everything, so you can build you shopping list at work on a PC, edit it at home on a Mac and then use any mobile device when you go to the shops. Hopefully one day I will get round to finishing it.